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About China REACH

China REACH is a student-run organization devoted to the sustainable development of AIDS educational programs, prevention, and care for affected communities in Henan, China. China REACH was established to empower university and college students through volunteerism, leadership, and understanding so as to facilitate acceptance and awareness in confronting China's mounting AIDS epidemic. By fostering student involvement and advocacy, we are bridging the gap between a province overwhelmed by the AIDS virus and an entire generation of youth capable of impacting humanity.

China REACH is a group of students united to foster the ability for people of any economic and educational level to become leaders in their community and make a change that can reach someone across the world.  Our mission is to bridge the gap between our inspiration and your potential to alleviate the AIDS epidemic in China.  REACH works in collaboration with organizations working in Henan, China to help support specific programs through raising awareness and funding in North America.  Henan is a poor, rural and densely populated province of nearly 100 million.

China REACH is addressing these issues through the following prospective goals:

  • Supporting community based orphan care programs
  • Education and support groups for infected and affected families
  • Supporting medical training and programs to provide families and local health professionals with better anti-retroviral treatment and instruction
  • Fostering nation-wide university and college chapters so as to promote and attain our prospective goals
  • Providing philanthropic assistance for existing effective programs
  • Educating the population about the realities of prevention, transmission and the magnitude of AIDS in China
  • Establishing a sounding board for youth to share new program ideas and experiences
  • Launching local, national, and international volunteer and fundraising opportunities